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About Me, Michael Wolf…

When I first got presented with the idea of quitting my job working in IT for airlines, many years ago, it was inconceivable.The idea of not having a steady income and to really enjoy life to the fullest was far out of my scope of reality. What would I even do with 8-10 hours more every day?

It took me 4 years to get from the initial spark to taking the leap and finally quitting my job.

As part of my German culture and upbringing, quitting a well paid job is not very common. I was raised to feel like we’re born to go to school, get further education, get a job, retire and then die soon after that. It took me many years to realize that everything, my relationships, hobbies and social life was revolving around my job that I didn’t even desire. I was always told that success lies in hard work, earning lots of money, and following ‘successful’ people. My mental programming had me working hard towards this desolate and empty-spirited goal for many years. I bought stuff that gave me debt instead of happiness.

It was a never ending cyclical game of earning more then spending more, being stressed out. and lastly deflecting my emotions continuously to numb any true feelings inside. Buy more and feel less. Still, letting go of a job did not feel like a solid option.

It was not until 2013 that the prison walls that I created were suffocating me from the inside so intensely I began to investigate more than my black and white rigid jailhouse.

Not that it is always easy or even fun, through my years of study with yoga and meditation, hiking, travel, and photography, I  began to evolve. I unlocked a part of myself where I was no longer looking outside of myself for solutions. Beforehand, I felt like others had the answers to my problems whereas I began to see we all are tragically seeking and looking for our own answers. Essentially, we all are failing and figuring it out imperfectly and flawed. Simultaneously, I learned I was in full control of my choices and decisions in my life!

After experiencing a “giant push” from the the Universe, as if it were overnight, I threw out everything unnecessary, became a minimalist and changed my diet. I began to rid my heart of emotions that were deflecting me to move forward, thus minimizing unnecessary feelings, and improved my spiritual awareness to acknowledge all feelings as to live a life in the present moment. I got deeper into Yoga and meditation, started to set long-term travel and career goals, focused on my desires, and began exploring what truth looked like for me.

Ever since I put in my notice in this year, my only goal was to leave in good standing with my company so I would have a chance to come back *(although, I already know now that is not even an option). The last day was nothing short of freeing and easy. 20 years in the same job I thought there would be more difficulty walking away, but it was effortless and fitting.

I now no longer have anyone to report to but myself. I get to ask myself, “What life do I want to lead today?” I take photos, travel and be in tune with my heart and mind daily. Leaving my 20 year job and exploring my dreams took away the pressure of perfection and I am a contented person for my choices of freedom and expression.  

These last 4 years were a destined experience of meeting the perfect mentors, friends, and seeking the knowledge that motivated me to take a leap of faith into another lifestyle that’s in line with my true core values and principles. It has been a long and exciting journey to my traveling and imperfect photography lifestyle. I have failed and gotten right back up many times over along the way. The positive reflection from people and capturing the beauty of life unfolding right in front of my lens always bring me resilience and strength.

I make a conscious choice every day to aspire and promote truth, love, and seek to be in constant reflection within myself and the world.